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Value of Star Wars Comics in Poly Bags 99c

by Douglas
(Visalia, CA, USA)

Value of Star Wars Comics in Poly Bags 99c

Value of Star Wars Comics in Poly Bags 99c

Value of Star Wars Comics in Poly Bags 99c

These comics are packaged in plastic: issues 1-3 and issues 1-6. The plastic says Star Wars and 3/99 cents.There is no UPC on the comics.

The price on the individual comics in 35 cents in a diamond. Never opened.


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Following the explosion in interest in Star Wars merchandise, Marvel sensed an opportunity to sell comics to a new audience.

These 99c for three books were sold in outlets like Toys R Us, where the wildly successful range of toys were marketed to Star Wars-hungry kids.

The barcode was removed. Effectively these are reprints, with a diamond price box. Books were priced 35c or 30c, so depending on which you got in the 99c bag, it was either a bargain or a 10 percent rip-off!

There are lots of types of these books explained at our Star Wars comics price guide.

Typically, these bags of three sell for about $20-60. Click to see items on eBay.

We also recommend you list them on eBay.

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