Value of Action Comics #246 and Adventure Comics #253

by NZarnas
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Value of Action Comics #246?

Value of Action Comics #246?

Value of Action Comics #246 and Adventure Comics #253

I have the following comics:

Action Comics Nov #246 "the Doom from Krypton"
Adventure Comics Oct. #253 "Superman meets Robin"

In fair condition. Value please?


Thanks for requesting your comic book appraisal.

Silver Age (1960s) comic books published by DC tend to be lower grade than Marvel Comics equivalents. We don't know why this is. Maybe the paper quality was lower?

This is true even of collections we buy where the seller bought them brand new, stored them in identical conditions, and read them the same number of times.

DC SA tends to be a grade to 1.5 grades lower on average.

Your books are not especially valuable unless in really nice condition. Fair -- about 1.0 to 2.0 out of 10.0 -- are worth in the $15-35 range each.

Neither of these issues is a key issue -- so-called because they are first appearances of heroes or villains.

The Action Comics #246 is a common issue in which nothing of major importance happens.

Adventure Comics #253 is the first meeting of Superboy and Robin. This is a minor key, but not exciting enough to make this book valuable in the condition yours is in.

We recommend you list them on eBay.

Thanks for writing, and please recommend us to your friends.


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