The Amazing Spider-Man #80 #81 #84 Value?

On Trail Of The Chameleon

On Trail Of The Chameleon

The Amazing Spider-Man #80 #81 #84 Value?

All three of these are complete in-tact. There are no tears at the staples or any of the pages. The page colours are off white/yellowish. There is one thing though, the front covers have a price stamp on them and a pen mark from the newsagents they were bought from.

This is just a few comics I have. I have got hundreds of these in similar condition and would like to get an idea of what they are worth so I thought I would just put a selection on for you to appraise.


Editor's reply: Thanks for writing in. Amazing Spider-Man comic is the world's most collected title. There will always be a buyer for these comics from the late Silver to early Bronze age.

That said, there is strong price resistance for these issues if they are not in at least very fine condition.

Typical eBay results show quite low prices for comics around VG+ to FN+. #80 is better-looking than the others and may be around VF- to VF (hard to tell from the photo alone).

Here are some actual price results for each issue:

Amazing Spider-Man #80 in VF-

Amazing Spider-Man #81 in FN

Amazing Spider-Man #84 in FN

You don't say how many of these comics you have. I would expect you to raise around $15-$20 for #81 and #84, and maybe $40-50 for #80. On a good day, more, on a bad day, less.

Key issues, like Amazing Spider-Man #101 and Amazing Spider-Man #129 are worth way more than these fairly average issues pictured here.

Hope this helps!

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