Star Wars #2 1977 UK Edition Value?

Star Wars #2 1977 UK Edition Value?

Star Wars #2 1977 UK Edition Value?

Star Wars #2 1977 UK Edition Value?

I have a mint edition of this comic, sealed in a bag, and I notice the price variant is worth some good money, but I am not too sure what edition I have. Mine is actually a U.K edition - Is there any value in those?

Editor's reply: UK edition comics are always worth much less than their US equivalents. That's just a fact of life unfortunately.

Marvel Comics keys from the 1960s are still worth money in UK versions, such as Avengers #1, but still nowhere near as much as their US counterparts.

Regular Star Wars comics (click for article) are not worth a huge amount, even the US versions, unless you get a Star Wars 35c variant of #1-#4, which are big money.

I couldn't even find a UK edition of Star Wars #2 (I illustrated this page with a US edition), so maybe it's rare. Whether that will help you to sell it or not, I don't know. Send me a photo of yours and I'll update the page.

You can check recent listings here to see what's available now, it may help you to price it.

Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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