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Star Wars #1-#3 in Sealed Bags

Star Wars #1-#3 in Sealed Bags

Star Wars #1-#3 in Sealed Bags

Star Wars #1-#3 in Sealed Bags

Hi, I have 2 unopened packages of Star Wars 1, 2 and 3. I've attached photos. Can you tell me what they are worth and also, how are comics graded if they are unopened? Thanks! Michelle

Editor's reply: Hi Michelle, thanks for sending in these photos.

You cannot grade a comic in a bag, they have to be removed, but it's not worth CGC grading these anyway, as they are reprints. They're worth more inside the package.

These are known as Whitman reprints, because the company circulated them in bags of three for a bargain price.

As you can see from these sales, you are likely to get $25-$30 for them if you sell on eBay.

Good luck if you decide to sell.

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