Simply THE BEST When it Comes to Where to Sell Comics

by Bob G
(Los Angeles)

Ashley and Sean are simply THE BEST when it comes to where to sell comics

I had a collection of several hundred Superman era comics (Superman, Superboy, Action, Adventure, Lois Lane etc), all early editions and in good or fine condition.

I contacted Sell My Comic Books, sent Ashley a few photos, and he gave me a firm price for my collection.

I listened to the excellent video on how to brick my comics to ship them, went to Fedex, and off my comics went to Maine.

I was happy, but not totally surprised, when I received an e mail from Ashley, telling me that Sean had valued my collection, and they were raising the amount I was being sent by 20 percent!

My dealings with Ashley and Sean have been exemplary in every way. I did save several of my favorite comics, that I just couldn’t part with—- and when I decide to sell them, I will look to no one other than Ashley and Sean.

They run a Class Act, and it was a pleasure to deal with them. Bob G

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