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Showcase Comics #73 Value?

Showcase Comics #73 Value?

Showcase Comics #73 Value?

Showcase Comics #73 Value?

Hi, what is this first appearance of The Creeper worth please?

Editor's reply: Hi there, thanks for sending this in.

As you probably know, the early issues of Showcase Comics are worth the most, notably Showcase #4, which is the book which is credited with launching the so-called Silver Age of superhero comics.

You have a copy of Showcase #73, from 1968. Created by Steve Ditko, the Creeper was the last really worthwhile creation in the long-running, but by then fading, Showcase series.

He went on to support his own comic book series in the 1970s, but it didn't last too long.

Your copy of Showcase #73 (click for values) is badly worn. It looks to me about 5.0, or VG to FN.

It is definitely not worth having graded. On eBay it would probably sell for $10-15. Thanks very much for sharing.

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