Selling Comics Was a Well-Explained, Rewarding Process!

by Brooke Umpenhour

Selling Comics Was a Well-Explained, Rewarding Process!

First off, 10 out of 10 all day with Ash at

Inherited a collection from my Aunt Cleo. My grandma told me to throw it away when she handed me the box.

I laughed, said "this is money!" I thought this would take ages, the ole eBay route, but a simple google, led me to this site.

I started the common sense method of sorting the labels of the comic issues, followed by numerically stacking them.

I of course shot an email to ash at and for any question I posed got a reply within 24hrs.

Needless to say, all of the steps were well detailed and explained (Fantastic video guides on how to sell old comic books!).

After probably 22 hrs of spare time, i had finished sorting, bricking (you'll see in the packing videos], and taping my lovely 50lbs box to be shipped.

This guy pays the full amount of the comics to YOU FIRST! via PayPal. Can't get any better than that, and reimbursed for shipping!

In the end, my pay for hours put in equaled around $40/hr, quite a respectable rate.

If I ever run across more comics, I know exactly who to go to, and you do now too!

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