Selling Comics from UK by Janet Brooker

by Janet Brooker
(New Malden, Surrey, UK)

Selling Comics from UK by Janet Brooker

I had quite a lot of comics to sort out that belonged to my late husband and was not sure what to do with them or if they were worth anything.

Mostly they were reprints which I didn't think would be worth very much but there were also around 60 that were originals.

I decided against a trip to London with a load of heavy comics so I searched online and found "Sell My Comic Books" website.

I'm so glad I did - it was a very clear useful website and easy to follow with all the information I needed and more!

I thought it made sense to send them to the USA as they were (mainly) American comics.

I was feeling overwhelmed at first with all these comics, but I followed Ashley's how-to videos and sent him a list of what I had for a free appraisal.

Everything was very straight-forward and it was simpler than I expected. He then gave me an excellent price with the cost of postage reimbused when received.

I accepted his offer and followed his videos on how to pack them up.

I would not hesitate to recommend "Sell My Comic Books" and Ashley has been helpful, straight-forward and honest so that all went smoothly - very many thanks!

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