Selling Comic Books Over the Internet...

by John Z
(Billerica MA 01821)

Selling Comic Books Over the Internet...

Dealing with vendors over the internet is nerve wracking and filled with scam artists.

To this I purchased the Overstreet Comic Guide and came upon sell my

Hesitant, I emailed them and got an immediate reply from Ashley. Multiple emails and a few offers later and we had a deal.

Now here's where the trust comes in. He promised to pay for shipping after they received the books. I sent them to Freeport Maine and within a week I received a check for the books and shipping and yes... the check cleared.

The thing that stands out in this anti customer service world is how professional and interactive Ashley was in response to my questions and concerns. While I could have gotten a few dollars more I am happy to have reached an agreement with this company.

All I can say is that I hope they make a million off my books... maybe not. Great company, easy process for payment, and good guys. Can't ask for more in taking a chance over the internet. Best of luck.

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