Sell My Comic Books are Fast, Responsive, and Super easy going!

by Larry
(Ann Arbor Area, Michigan)

Sell My Comic Books are Fast, Responsive, and Super easy going!

I've had two experiences of selling parts of my collection to Sell My Comic Books (SMCB). two words: totally awesome:

1) fast and responsive to my inquiries of books i want to sell - told me exactly which books they were most interested in.

2) after pix were sent of front and back of items, a very decent offer was made. (I'd been educated about the realities of buying and selling on that history channel show about pawn stores!)

for me - very simple - decent money in the bank NOW with little effort, or putting in sweat equity to slab and sell myself over months of effort. the decision was easy to make.

3) took the books to fed ex, and they packed everything quickly for a nominal fee. SMCB provided great simple instructions and reimbursed the delivery fee upon receipt of the books.

4) same day processing - when SMCB got the books, i got the payment via paypal.

Simple. Quick. Easy, Fast.

Life should be so simple. until then, if you need to sell your comics, make SMCB your go-to site.

Keep up the great work!

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