No Tales of Suspense with Sell My Comic Books!

by Jeff
(Denver, CO)

No Tales of Suspense with Sell My Comic Books!

I had a comic collection that I had started when I was 15 or so and collected for a number of years, but eventually got into other things and packed up my comic books into a longbox and put them on a shelf in the storage room.

Over the years, they followed me on my moves across the states. I had forgot about them but recently my 8 year old son started playing the Xbox Marvel Superheroes video game and became excited about all the characters.

This sparked my memory, so I ventured down to the storage room and dug out my long box. I paged through the comics showing him some of the covers and talking about the villains, etc.

After going through them I thought it might be fun to check out if anyone buys old comics or how others are selling them. I knew people on eBay were selling them, but it seemed like a painful ordeal to try to sell and ship them all, I wanted to find an easier solution.

I googled selling comic books and came across a number of sites. I clicked on the link to "Sell my comic books" and read through a number of pages.

I followed their instructions on cataloging my comics and sent in my list. I sort of figured that the request would go unanswered or come back with a note about how they weren't interested.

Ashley replied very quickly and gave me a list of the books he wanted to see scans of. I scanned the books and sent them the pdf of all the covers, etc.

Again, I quickly received a response offering me an amount for my entire collection not just the books I had scanned. The amount sounded good to me after all these comics had been sitting there for over 40 years.

I'm sure I could have onesy-twosied some on eBay, but this transaction was super simple. I emailed and accepted the offer then packed up my comics following the video on the site and shipped them off. Even got reimbursed for the shipping, so went well.

Thumbs up!

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