Like Being User-Friendly Is The Sell My Comic Books Super-Power...

by Steve S.
(Providence, RI)

Like Being User-Friendly Is The Sell My Comic Books Super-Power...

I've been a comic nerd since I was a young kid in the early '70s.

I've dragged my collection with me from one coast to the other several times over the decades, and I built up a lot of sentimental attachment to the various issues, stories, and characters.

I never bought them so I could make a profit... but when I recently decided it was finally time to release them back into the world, I also didn't want to give them away for some insultingly low amount.

To complicate things, I've also been pressed for time, so auctions on eBay or dealing with Craigslist people just weren't realistic options for me.

Sell My Comic Books was the perfect answer! They made things ridiculously quick and easy for me.

Their written guidelines are simple to follow, they were quick and on point in answering my few additional questions, they offered me a reasonable price for the comics I was putting up for sale, and they delivered exactly as they said they would, every step of the way.

In fact, I was so pleased with the initial experience that I'm now in the middle of doing a second and larger deal with them!

When I'm reunited with the last few of my boxes of comics that are currently residing in another state, I'll again contact SMCB first to see if they're interested.

I heartily recommend that you sell your comic books to Sell My Comic Books!

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