Justice League of America #175

by Johnny Shortes
(Celina TX)

Justice League of America #175

Justice League of America #175

Justice League of America #175, in nice shape. What's it worth?

Editor's reply: Thanks for writing in, Johnny.

The funny thing about Justice League of America comics is they are not the world's most popular. A rumored JLA movie in the works should lift all issues a little higher, but that is some years away for now.

There are of course key issues, but #175 is not one of them.

If you come across a copy of Brave and the Bold #28 (first JLA appearance), then you're in great shape.

The record sale for JLA #175 was only $96, and that was for a CGC 9.8. Yours is (a) not graded and (b) not that sharp, so I'd say you'd be lucky to get $10 or $15 for yours on eBay.

Good luck with it and thanks for writing in!

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