How I Turned $9 into $300 With Star Wars Comics


How I Turned $9 into $300 With Star Wars Comics

Forty years ago I bought three sets of Star Wars first issue comics for about nine bucks.

I had been searching for several years for the easiest way to sell them without getting raked.

I contacted "Sell My Comics", sent them a quick list and heard back right away that they were interested.

After sending a few photos they emailed me an estimate, along with a disclaimer that I could probably sell them on eBay for several hundred dollars more than they were offering.

I knew I didn't want to spend all that time, effort and expense, but wanted to satisfy my curiosity that I was getting the most $ for my comics.

I checked with a comic collector friend of mine who confirmed all of the info that Ashley at "Sell My Comics" had communicated to me.

The whole process was completely painless, above board and incredibly easy (even for an old timer like me)!

Don't give it a second thought.

"Sell My Comic Books" in my experience did everything they said they would do, very honest and quick response.

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