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Fantastic Four #143 Value?

Fantastic Four #143 Value?

Fantastic Four #143 Value?

Fantastic Four #143 Value?

The back has a date of 1969. Wrapped in plstic but not that from which it was purchased. Found it amoung my fiances keepsakes.Some discoloration on back page. I am afraid to open it. The advertisment on the back is that of a toy car ad, "flashback" (aurora).

Editor's reply: Don't worry, this is not a valuable comic book. You can't damage it by opening it.

A couple of points.

1) Comic books did not come in plastic. If it's in plastic, then a collector bagged it at some point in the past.

2) Fantastic Four comics are not particularly popular right now. Certainly once you get beyond issues #120, there is limited value in them.

The record sale for this comic book is $370, but that was an exceptional copy, perfectly stored since new, and graded 9.8 by CGC. Yours is definitely not the same calibre. More typical sales will be in the $10-15 range.

Check prices here.

Thanks for sharing.

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