Who IS the Comic Book Insider? We had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before he would reveal his secrets...

Who IS the Comic Book Insider?

Shh! The Comic Book Insider is prepared to reveal his secrets...

...but only if we guarantee his anonymity.

This man has worked in the comic book industry all his life. He's currently number two at a HUGE (and we mean huge) comic book company.

In his background, he's spent time with comic book auctions and grading companies, and has all the industry's leading lights on speed dial.

He has personally upgraded thousands of comic books, 'flipping' them for $$$$s of profit.

We've signed an EXCLUSIVE deal to bring his tips and money-making advice to you.

Comic Book Insider Exclusives!

Coming Soon: the Insider Video Guide to Grading from Scans!

The #1 comment from our eBook feedback was "Will there be any more help with grading skills?"

So, the Insider and I debated how to best present this essential info.

Finally we realized we needed to use video. Here's a sample.

The final course will consist of more than SIXTY videos, plus a quiz and supporting documentation.

If you want to be on the early bird list, gain VIP access and get a discount, there are a few places left.

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Comic Book Cash Back Issues

Here are all our comic book investment tip articles. Many have direct input from the Insider.