Comic Book Collection: Easy Sale

by David
(Washington, DC)

Comic Book Collection: Easy Sale

I had been lugging around my small (800-ish) comic book collection for the last 30 years, including two cross-country moves. I decided it was time to sell and Ashley responded quickly when I shared what I had.

Without too much effort (I had to take some photos of a small number of issues), he made me an offer for the whole lot.

Was it top dollar? No, but the effort it would take for me to try to sell them on my own would have been enormous (and to be honest, a large portion were probably unsellable, just because there is no demand).

Once I accepted I just had to ship them (that was the hard part for me for logistical reasons) and that was it. And they reimbursed me for the shipping charges.

If you're considering selling your comic book collection, then this is a relatively fast and easy way to do it.

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