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CAPTION CONTEST! Win a copy of Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars 8

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Editor, Sell My Comic Books)

Leave your best caption for this image cropped from the front of the prize -- Marvel Super-heroes Secret Wars 8.

Leave your best caption for this image cropped from the front of the prize -- Marvel Super-heroes Secret Wars 8.


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Comments for CAPTION CONTEST! Win a copy of Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars 8

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I want it
by: Sahilkhan187

I want this copy of secret wars 8 so bad, its the origin of black spidey suit ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Great website for beginners!
by: Andrew

Although Iโ€™m new to comic world, this site has proven to be very insightful and knowledgeable about how to buy comics. I have gotten a good collection through this website. So thanks a lot!

sell my comic books
by: Fred

I have searched many comic websites but this has been the best one I've seen, thank you for existing.:) (

Extremely Helpful
by: Penney

Thank you for the insight into my collection. I had no idea where to start but you have pointed me in the right direction. Great tips. And I am on my way to selling my collection.
Thank you again Ashley.

by: Anonymous


by: Manny

Why am I over here again? the fights behind me.

CAPTION CONTEST! Win a copy of Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars 8
by: Greg

My spidey senses are telling me this contest is mines to win, hint, hint!

The Real Battle
by: Anonymous

Spider-man V. Sony: Dawn of joining the other heroes without company restrictions (and this time a versus movie won't get a 27% on rotten tomatoes just because it's Marvel).

Isn't that funny?
by: Ali

There's a superhero between my legs!

Thank you very much (Elvis)
by: Robert

"Thank you very much"

Why the fuss?
by: geoff

Why the fuss? It's Beyonder me!

Up-up, and away
by: Zoll87

I've made all this mess, tadamm!

by: Anonymous

When you wanna join in on the fun, But Sony wont let you.

Sensory Deprivation
by: Peyton Pritchard

Don't get me wrong I loooove the new look. Definitely an upgrade in the fashion category. It's just...well it's just not as practical. I mean the first suit gave me really pronounced lines. They would go squiggly! Heck, if things were about to get real crazy they would turn yellow! Now, my spider senses are just shooting short, straight, dashlike lines. And of course I don't won't to ungrateful or anything , but I literally have the same exact lines coming from my spidey senses when Wolverine is about to start talking about his commitment issues as I would if an asteroid were careening towards earth. Maybe I'm just a bit of a square but I'll take practicality over fashion any day.

by: geoff

Amid Chaos and Order, between Nature and Man...dances the Spider...

Time for a change!
by: Anonymous

Once you go black, you never go back!

It's just a joke guys!
by: Reznov

Spider-man: Oh man, I get it now. You guys left me out of the fight because I'm black!

It's just a joke guys!
by: Reznov

Spider-man: Oh man, I get it now. You guys left me out of the fight because I'm black!

It's just a joke guys!
by: Reznov

Spider-man: Oh man, I get it now. You guys left me out of the fight because I'm black!

by: Anonymous

The aristocrats!

by: Rolando Lilienthal L. Bucoy

Avengers!!!...places's time for the Macarena!!!

When your completely unaware of your suround
by: Noah gill

When your completely unaware of what's going on around you!
My email:

(PS I've been a huge fan ever since you guys started your channel I've been subscribed! It would actually make my year to be able to add this comic to my collection.) thanks!!!

Funny Stuff
by: Anonymous

"I was born a poor black child ..." ( Steve Martin in The Jerk )

by: Anonymous

When you wanna join the fun, but Sony wont let you be you.

Caption contest
by: John price

Somebody come give daddy a hug!!!!

New suit!

Problem: chaos on an alien planet. Solution: let's go shopping- new suit!

Best Caption EVER!
by: Dennis

GUYS, I DID COURTESY FLUSH!! (Background characters growling and searching for air freshener!!)


Best Caption EVER!
by: Dennis

Guys, I DID COURTESY FLUSH! (Background characters growling and searching for air freshener!)

Oh No.....
by: Brock

"How did I not see the dry clean only tag on my suit!?

Dancing queen
by: Anonymous

You are the dancing queen.
Young and sweet.
Only seventeen.

New costume, New powers
by: Bill G

"I know how to end this epic battle. It's time for the Spidey-dance.... engage jazz hands!"

Fighting my self!
by: Kevin white

" you guys are fighting other people, but I'm fighting myself! There's something wrong with this picture!"

A sudden realization...
by: Zack

"My spider-sense is tingling... Crap! I left the iron plugged in!"

Fancy Dress
by: Zicko

Come on guys, you got me!! We were all supposed to come to the party in super hero fancy dress!! I look a fool dressed as a spider dude!

I don't know what to do with my hands
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to do with my hands

Black is the new black

"My goodness, it's so slimming"

by: Mandy

"Look! Spirit Fingers!"

Symbiote side affects include...
by: Anonymous

"Oh no! Irritable Bowel Syndrome!"


Symbiote Side affects include...
by: Anonymous

"Oh no! Irritable Bowel Syndrome!"

by: Sean Sandberg

Joining sell my comics newsletter is a fantastic way to get great comic advice and to also be able to participate in contest like this that give away High Grade Secret Wars #8.

Caption contest!
by: Loki B.

"I'm black and beautiful!!!"

Stop laughing!
by: ten15me

Those are legs and no you can't fight someone else!

by: Jessica



Oh know ,i sharted..

by: Tyler

Whoops!, excuse me.

by: Robert Peterson


Brit Deported to Canada
by: Jason Brower

I can't believe the U.K. deported me to Canada!!!

Critical decisions
by: thisisboots

Immersed in a dream or reality, one thing I am certain of; I exist....

Eight-balls uncle
by: Patrick

Hey, guys... This has to be the first time that I've ever slipped into new suit without actually changing. And, boy! Does it look sexy!

Awaiting my copy of Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars 8! :-)
by: Mike

So what if DC has the Dark Knight?!
Marvel has the Dark Arachnid!

by: Matt Hoover

WAIT! I dropped a contact!

Once you go black...
by: Toby McGuire

"My costume! It's BLACK! What is this strange urge I have to mess up my hair and dance down the street like an emo dick?!"

by: Fourwayflashers

Spidey Sense is tingling! My keys must be close!

The wiz

Jazz Hands!!!!!!

Question the AC/DC
by: Jack

Back in black. Now if I could just find a snazzy dance number to perform... People get up and drive your funky soul.

by: Tim

When a fart almost kills everyone you know.

by: Ashley

If you didn't include your email address WITH YOUR CAPTION ENTRY, then your entry doesn't count!!!

My Spidy senses tell me-------
by: Ken

My Spidy senses tell me ------- the Avengers can handle this fight without me---- I'm hungry and I missed lunch!

by: Levario

It's all about the jazz hands ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿฝ

Perfect time for... "Jazz Hands"!!!!
by: Jordan

Perfect time for... "Jazz Hands"!!!!

by: Jim

Damn artists! I told them less red in the background, more on the costume!

Cosmic Chaos!
by: Anonymous

Cosmic Chaos!

by: Anonymous

Look at me! ME! Backgrounds are so boring...

by: Jean-Guy

Look at me! I'm fabulous! Fighting is overrated...

Does this make me look fat?
by: Mason Radcliffe

Wow! Black really does make me look slimmer!

by: Anonymous

"Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

by: Ryan sharpie

Spider-Man's homecoming Must have really been a hit for all those heroes to join ;)

This one is for me
by: Jean-Guy

I need this classic comic book! I can't believe I don't have it in my portfolio. Thanks in advance!

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars
by: Oronde Jones

My spider sense is giving me a major case of Deja Vu!

by: Osmon

Why am I fighting for them? I need to know if I'm doing the right thing. Can't think straight!!!

Back off!
by: Anonymous

Back off! I'm a spider, man....

Carefull what you wish for
by: Anonymous

Your Dreams are my nightmares, My spidey sence is off the chart. Need to stop and collect my thoughts.

Critical decisions
by: Thisisboots

Immersed in a dream or reality, the only thing that I know that is certain; I exist...

by: Anonymous

Why is a really deep question for a 3 letter word.

The moment Spidey realized...
by: Orenthiel

"Does anybody know how to open the back flap, I need to go number 2!!!"

by: Anonymous

The spawn of spider - man....

Stupid Sexy Flanders
by: Anonymous

Feels like i'm wearing nothing at all!

by: Vince

I have a headace this big....

Stan Lee
by: John Langford

Stan Lee, eat your heart out!

What in the...?
by: Diz

What in the entire world of hell has happened to my costume?

by: Novaprime

Crap!! Did I leave the oven on??

Wash Day
by: Anonymous

"Laundry day, all I had to wear. How embarassing."

Hide and go seek
by: Adama

"Ready or not here I come" shouts Spiderman as the rest of the players scramble to find a good place to hide.

Senses Shattering
by: Greg

"My Spidey Sense has never tingled like this before! It's as if a one-time throw-away gimmick is going to evolve into the creation of a new villain who will reinvigorate my series for years to come!"

Lookin' like Elvis
by: Darren

"I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around. Thank you. Thank you very much"

by: John

How the hell am I supposed to go to the bathroom with no zipper.

Caption contest!
by: Anonymous

Superhero diarrhea is the WORST!

Secret Wars #8 Contest
by: Nelson V. Vecchione

"Black Spider-Man Lives Matter"

by: Kevin

"My Spidey sense is telling me to....JAZZ HANDS!!"

Caption Contest caption
by: Anonymous

Here is my caption: "As Elvis Said...Only Fools Rush In."
The pose on the cover reminded me of Elvis.

My email address is:

Use the Comment feature to add your caption!
by: Ashley

Use the Comment feature to add your caption! Don't forget to include your email address -- it must be the same one you used to join our newsletter.

If you're not on the list at the end of the contest, then you cannot win.

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