Batman #63 Value?

by Paul Bannister

Batman #63 Value?

Batman #63 Value?

Batman #63 Value?

Batman no 63 Has a slight rip in the top right side.

Editor's reply: Thanks for sending in this Batman comic for appraisal.

I have a soft spot for Batman comics, even if Detective Comics tend to do better on the market when they're sold.

Issues under #100 for both Batman and Detective will always find a new home quickly. The question is, for how much in this case?

This comic, if graded, should be around a 5.0 or 5.5. It's a nice-looking copy, spoiled by the top right corner.

The record sale for a Batman #53 was $1,450 for a CGC 8.0. Yours is worth about $90-$110 or so. If it gets the 5.0 grade I think it will, then you will probably get around $200 for it.

Thanks for sending it in. Love these old Golden Age Batmans!

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