Batman #216 Value?

by Valerie Matuszak
(United States)

Batman #216 Value?

Batman #216 Value?

Batman #216 Value?

Very good condition. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Is there any way you can give me an idea as to what it might be worth.

Editor's reply: Hi Valerie, thanks for asking.

Although I have not seen your comic book, I found a stock photo of an identical Batman comic #216.

It's not an especially important, key issue, as it doesn't feature the first appearance of a hero or villain, or a major story point, etc.

The record sale for this comic book is $995, but that is for a CGC 9.8 grade -- even nicer than the one pictured here.

In most cases, what people consider "very good condition" is way lower.

There is a steep dropoff in values of Bronze Age comic books, from the highest grades down. 7.0 (very good condition in most people's eyes) is only worth around $25, less than the cost of getting it graded!

If you care to email me photos of yours, then I will appraise it properly. Thanks for writing.

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