Action Comics #153 Value?

by Paul Bannister

Action Comics #153 Value?

Action Comics #153 Value?

Action Comics #153 Value?

I have a copy of Action comic no 153 Good condition.

Editor's reply: Thanks for writing in.

There's a funny thing. Although this Action Comics issue is more than 60 years old, there isn't a huge market for it.

Sure, there will always be Superman collectors. However, the record sale for this issue was "only" $1,600 for a CGC 9.2. That sounds like a lot of money, but for a 60yr old rare comic book (only eight have ever been graded), it's still not what you'd expect.

Your copy looks very nice. But on closer inspection, there is a nasty chip on the right edge of the front cover.

Even so, I'd expect it to get an 8.0 if graded, depending on whether the back cover is in good shape or not. Right now, I'd have to value this comic at around $150-$200.

Please let me know if you'd like to sell, and good luck with your comics.

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