3 Superhero Comics Value?

by Neecole Brooks
(San Diego California)

3 Superhero Comics Value? Aquaman #29

3 Superhero Comics Value? Aquaman #29

3 Superhero Comics Value?

1st-Superman DC National Comics " Aquaman" Oct. NO#29
National Periodical Publications Inc. 1966

2nd-Superman DC National Comics " Lois Lane featuring Supermans other girlfriends". issue No#14 National Periodical Publications Inc. 1965

3rd- The brave and the bold staring Batman and the Phantom Stranger. No#145 Dec. Scu#7098930440 1978

Editor's reply: Thanks for writing. You didn't supply any photos, so it's impossible to value your particular comics. I can give you some ideas though.

Aquaman is one of those DC Comics characters I've been meaning to get around to writing about.

The highest sale recorded for Aquaman #29 comic is only $230. That was for a very high grade comic. If yours is in average to fine shape, then it's worth much less, maybe $20.

Your Superman's girlfriends comic is actually 80-Page Giant #14. This is very hard to find in very high grade because of the square binding, which is often found squashed. In average to fine shape, you will expect to get about $30. The record sale is $1,440! But that was for 9.6 out of 10. There's only one known in that shape, and it's the finest in existence.

Brave and the Bold #28 (1st JLA) is a really collectible comic. Most of the rest of this series is not very desirable for whatever reason. Brave and the Bold #145 has never sold for more than $42, even in 9.8 shape. So yours is probably not worth much.

Thanks for writing, hope you do well with them.

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