Hot Comics #5: Amazing Fantasy #15, 1st Spider-Man

Hot Comics #5:
Amazing Fantasy #15,
1st Spider-Man

Hot Comics #5: Amazing Fantasy #15, 1st Spider-Man. Click to buy a copy
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Why Amazing Fantasy #15 is a Hot Comic

There is no hotter comic book series than Amazing Spider-Man. It's the world's most collected comic book run, with some of the classic stories of the Marvel era.

It won't surprise you, then, to find several issues on the Hot 100 list:

Amazing Spider-Man #2 (1st Vulture)

Amazing Spider-Man #14 (1st Green Goblin)

Amazing Spider-Man #50 (1st Kingpin)

Amazing Spider-Man #101 (1st Morbius)

Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1st Punisher)

Amazing Spider-Man #194 (1st Black Cat)

Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1st full Venom)

The book which began it all, AF15, is getting unaffordable for many collectors. A coverless (coverless!!) copy will set you back around $2,000. That's insane.

Marvel chipping is hard to avoid on this issue, especially in lower grades. Try to find a VG-ish copy with minimal chipping and good eye appeal from the front.

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