Hot Comics #12: Amazing Spider-Man #300, 1st Venom

Hot Comics #12:
Amazing Spider-Man #300,
1st Venom

Hot Comics #12: Amazing Spider-Man #300, 1st Venom. Click to buy a copy
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Why Amazing Spider-Man #300 is a Hot Comic

Venom is one of the hottest properties in the Spider-Man universe right now, and it's understandable that his first full appearance is on the Hot 100 list.

Movie rumors won't leave this character alone. Sony and Marvel have agreed to work together on the second Spider-Man movie reboot, and along with Carnage, and the various Symbiote (black costume) first appearances, there are few affordable books we could recommend more highly.

Other Spider-Man villains which appear in the Hot 100:

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Amazing Spider-Man #14 (1st Green Goblin)

Amazing Spider-Man #101 (1st Morbius)

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Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1st Punisher)

Stick to a CGC 9.8 with white pages, unless you can afford a 9.9 and one comes to market.

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