Hot Comics #25:
Fantastic Four #48
1st Silver Surfer and Galactus

Hot Comics #25: Fantastic Four #48, 1st Silver Surfer and Galactus
Hot Comics #25: Fantastic Four #48, 1st Silver Surfer and Galactus. Click to buy a copy
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Why Fantastic Four #48 is a Hot Comic


Other books have been hotter this year, but there's no doubting that FF 48 is a deserving member of the 100 Hot Comics list. Especially in high grade, this book has been setting new records all year.

Lower down the grade range, things have cooled -- typical VG examples haven't changed in value much since our previous list.

  • CGC 9.8: $20,500 (Editor's note -- only $1,000 more than a Hulk 181 9.8!)
  • CGC 9.4 $3,800
  • CGC 9.0 $2,000
  • CGC 8.0 $1,200
  • CGC 7.5 $920
  • CGC 6.5 $550
  • CGC 5.5 $400

Silver Surfer and Galactus are massively important in the Marvel Universe. Like the Fantastic Four themselves, the characters have never been handled well on the big screen.

Perhaps their time has come. There are so many Marvel movies and TV series in the pipeline that it is not beyond possibility that, say, Thanos and Galactus/Silver Surfer could meet in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, for just one example.

The value of this book has been strong for years, but a recent surge in higher grades has boosted it up the charts of the Hot 100.

What we're recommending won't be affordable to all, but it's the best potential ROI in our opinion. This book is common in lower grades.

Owning a high-grade copy would be a pleasure. The cover is amazing when it's undamaged.

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