Hot Comics #27: Fantastic Four #52, 1st Black Panther

Hot Comics #27:
Fantastic Four #52,
1st Black Panther

Hot Comics #27: Fantastic Four #52, 1st Black Panther. Click to buy a copy
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Why Fantastic Four #52 is a Hot Comic

It's Marvel movie madness, again. Black Panther has long been the subject of rumor about a big screen appearance, and during the recent round of Marvel movie announcements, his participation in a movie was not only confirmed -- he was THE movie.

Coupled with that interest is the fact that this back issue has a largely black front cover. Black covers are notoriously hard to find in great condition.

Here we have another Silver Age book that has been overlooked for years. Fantastic Four comic books, in general, are less valuable than Marvel counterparts like Amazing Spider-Man, so it's nice to see more key issues emerging.

Aim for a VF-NM example, if you can afford it. Lower grades have actually seen declines, but in high grade this book is still red-hot. GROOWLLLL.

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