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Wonder Woman Comics price guide. The sexiest of all DC Comics characters has been around since the early 1940s.

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While many of the earliest appearances of Wonder Woman are worth a small fortune, and a handful qualify as genuinely rare comic books (article opens in a new tab or window), there are many 'average' Golden and Silver Age issues that will turn up fairly often.

The key issues are the golden discoveries. Don't get too excited if you find old WW comics: read this article and try to ID them.

Condition is vital to all comic book values, of course. Before you start worrying about the value of your vintage Wonder Woman back issues, you might want to read our article on how to grade comic books (article opens in a new tab or window).

Earliest Wonder Woman Comics

The first appearance of Wonder Woman was in All-Star Comics #8. As you can see from the picture, she was not featured on the cover.

All-Star Comics #8: First Appearance of Wonder Woman in Comics

Given that this was published in 1942, the comic is surprisingly affordable. Perhaps there is less superhero hype surrounding Wonder Woman, because there has not been a Wonder Woman movie in recent years.

Still, it's a great comic book to find. Check current market values here

Minimum unrestored value: $1,750
(for a very poor, but complete copy)

Best-known graded by CGC: 9.0

Highest price realized to date: $81,000
for a CGC 8.5 in October 2012

If you have found a copy of this comic book, we will value it for insurance, or buy it from you for cash.

Wonder Woman did not have to wait long for a cover appearance.

All-Star Comics #8: Origin of Wonder Woman and first Wonder Woman comic book cover

Again published in 1942, Sensation Comics #1 is the first cover to feature Wonder Woman. For whatever reason, this comic has been discovered in higher grade more often.

We think it's a classic Golden Age comic book cover. Certainly when compared to Green Lantern or Flash, this is still an affordable book.

Minimum unrestored value: $1,250
(for a very poor, but complete copy)

Best-known graded by CGC: 9.4 (two copies)

Check current values here

Highest price realized to date: $83,000
for a CGC 9.4 in February 2010

Wonder Woman comics as a stand-alone title followed the good performance of Sensation Comics.

Get your copy valued free today.

Wonder Woman comics #1 featured a more Origin of Wonder Woman

Again published in 1942 (summer), Wonder Woman #1 is a very familiar comic book.

With the famous golden lasso swirling around the title and price, and Diana on a white horse, this is another surprisingly affordable book (if you can find one). Check value here

Minimum unrestored value: $1,250
(for a very poor, but complete copy)

Best-known graded by CGC: 9.0

Highest price realized to date: $53,000
for a CGC 8.5 in February 2010

Got a copy of this comic? Have yours appraised free!

Other Key Wonder Woman Comics

Here are comics you will be very happy you found! They are key appearances of Wonder Woman from all eras.

Each one is a great find, so contact us for help to figure out the comic book's value.

Justice League of America #1: a key Silver Age Wonder Woman comic

Among the valuable comic books featuring Wonder Woman, there is no better 1960s find than Justice League of America #1.

This launch issue of the classic DC superhero group is a must-have for many collectors. Wonder Woman fans will be competing with JLA collectors, and also fans of the other characters in this book:

Aquaman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Superman. Check values here

This is an absolutely excellent comic book find. If you have one, it's worth at least $300 (in really poor, but complete, shape). Much more in better shape. Contact us today to get your JLA#1 valued free.

Justice League of America on eBay

Here are some live auctions featuring JLA #1. They should help you to work out what your copy is worth.

Excited about your copy of JLA #1? Contact us today to get your Justice League of America comics appraised.

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Wonder Woman #105: first appearance of Wonder Girl

Not only does Wonder Woman #105 have a classic cover, it is a key issue in the history of Wonder Woman comics, and a great find if you happen to come across one!

This very early Silver Age comic, published in 1959, features the first appearance of Wonder Girl. There's also an expanded origin of Wonder Woman. While it's not too hard to find copies, even on eBay, high-grade copies of WW 105 are very scarce.

Check values here

A beaten-up copy of this comic book is only worth around $50, but the record for this issue is over $7,000 for a CGC 9.4.

Have yours appraised for free by Sell My Comic Books if you found one.

Wonder Woman #105 on eBay

Here are some live auctions featuring WW #105. They should help you to work out what your copy is worth.

Other Wonder Woman Appearances

Wonder Woman is one of the DC comics characters that has been published uninterrupted since her first appearance. You can even collect newly published Wonder Woman comics today.

That means it's pretty common to find copies of 10c Golden Age and, later, 12c-25c Silver Age comics featuring Wonder Woman.

What IS unusual is to find is a run of older Wonder Woman issues in higher grade. You should definitely have us give you a comic book appraisal (it's free) if you come across such a collection.

All Star Comics #15: First Appearance of Brainwave. Wonder Woman on cover.

All-Star Comics #15 features the first appearance of the evil Brainwave, a golden age villain. Get yours valued free.

Justice League of America 5: first appearance of Dr. Destiny. Wonder Woman on cover.

Justice League of America #5: First appearance of the evil Dr. Destiny. Cool "falling" cover with Wonder Woman. We'll value your comic if you have one, free of charge.

Sensation Comics #6: first appearance of Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth

Sensation Comics #6 is another rare Wonder Woman issue, and a great find if you have one. This is a key moment in her character development.

It is the first appearance of Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.

Have your copy valued free today.

The Brave and the Bold #87 is a Batman and Wonder Woman team-up

Not valuable, even in high grade, but Brave and the Bold #87 is a nice Batman and Wonder Woman team-up issue.

Wonder Woman comic #99 features the first new-look invisible jet plane

Wonder Woman #99 features the first new-look secret jet (it was a gift from Aphrodite in Sensation Comics #1, and first took jet form in Wonder Woman #45).

Again, not a hugely valuable book, but high-grade copies of this 1950s issue are rare. Get your Wonder Woman comics valued today.

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