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What Are Your Deadpool Comics Worth?

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns

There are very few valuable Deadpool comics. Let's just get that out there from the off. While the character is popular, he simply hasn't been around long enough.

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Since this character first appeared in 1991, there aren't any rare comics at all. The condition of modern comic books is so crucial that any tiny fault renders them virtually worthless.

We're getting into nit-picking territory. Seldom do you have to worry if you're dealing with 1960s vintage comic books, but tiny faults on modern comics are the kiss of death for resale values.

However, if you do have key Deadpool appearances in super-fine shape (9.8 or higher), then send us details.

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New Mutants #98: First Appearance of Deadpool

New Mutants #98: First Appearance of Deadpool

This is the only Deadpool regular issue with real value. Remember, it must be in absolutely top condition. Anything with "small faults" is great to have from a reader's point of view, but not worth selling at this point.

New Mutants #98 is the first appearance of Deadpool, and in 9.8 condition (near mint/mint), it's worth about $300. Prices have risen consistently in the past few years. Check current values here

If you happen to have it in mint (9.9) or gem mint (10), then this is a much more valuable comic, but comics in those kind of grades are extremely rare, even in a comic that's just over 20 years old.

The last 9.9 graded copy sold for around $4,000. That's 12+ times the 9.8 condition!

Get in touch to have your copy of New Mutants #98 valued.

The award-winning Deadpool #11: not valuable, but a fun swipe at Spider-Man

Other Appearances of Deadpool

Unless you have 9.9 or 10-rated copies of these other issues, CGC Signature Series, or some other special edition, there really is not a lot of value in any other Deadpool comics.

Deadpool appeared in a self-titled four-issue run from 1993.

Another four-issue series appeared in 1994.

The longest run was a series started in 1997. It ran until 2002. Issue#1 in 9.8 condition is worth about $85.

It's really too soon to get excited about Deadpool. New Mutants #98 continues to rise in value. Maybe it will be the Incredible Hulk #181 of the future...

Certainly you've got a good return if you bought it for cover price in 1991.

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