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Comic Book Cash, Issue #010 -- Our new Online Comic Book Store launches
November 10, 2014

Comic Book Cash #10

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Batman Price Guides

Always our favorite superhero, Batman is just SO cool.

Here are the price guides that count!

Comic Book Insider!

Who IS this masked man? And why won't he reveal his identity?

Easy. He's giving away industry secrets, and he'd lose his job if you knew his name.

Find out more about the comic book insider here.

Hot Movie Books!

There are tons of comic books featured in upcoming movies.

Find out more about upcoming Marvel movies here.

Comic Book Grading

Learn how to grade comic books here -- and sign up for our unique video course!

How to Sell Old Comic Books

Struggling to deal with a collection? Check out this article on how to sell old comics.

Want to Save Money on eBay Purchases?


Ashley Cotter-Cairns Editor, Sell My Comic Books

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