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The Top 10 Comics You Should Buy Today for Profit!
March 14, 2015

The Top 10 Comics You Should Buy TODAY For Profit

This week's newsletter is going to focus on a simple top 10. We're not going to concern ourselves with how much the books cost.

Buy the best you can afford of any of these books, and aim to make 50 percent profit within five years. SELL IF THEY REACH THAT PRICE!

Don't fall into the 'hold it forever' trap. You should be happy with 50 percent return.

We also highlight five articles you probably haven't read yet, but should, and give you the FINAL opportunity to get the early bird discount on our video grading course!

Top 10 Comic Books to Buy Today

In no particular order of merit.

1) Fantastic Four #46: 2nd Appearance of Inhumans, 1st Black Bolt Cover

Fantastic Four #46 is the second Inhumans, but first cover featuring the misfit 'team'. Click to find your copy.

2) Amazing Spider-Man #300: 1st Full Venom

Amazing Spider-Man #300: 1st Full Venom. You cannot ignore the rumors swirling around this book. Now a $1,000 issue in CGC 9.8.

3) New Mutants #98: 1st Deadpool

The Deadpool movie has been confirmed. This book shows no signs of slowing down.

4) Amazing Spider-Man #361: 1st Carnage

Hot by association with the Venom movie project. These were selling for $10 raw a couple of years ago. Not anymore.

5) Batman #181: 1st Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is going to be part of the upcoming JLA movie, so this book is heating up in all grades.

6) Brave and the Bold #28: 1st JLA

Movie confirmed. Earlier than Hulk #1 or AF #15. Twice as rare as Hulk #1. Four times as rare as AF #15. Still MASSIVELY under-valued!

7) Star Wars #1: New Movie Series Coming

CGC 9.8s of this key Bronze Age issue are now trading for over $1,500! Click to get yours.

8) Marvel Super-Heroes #13: 1st Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers (aka Ms. Marvel) has a huge future role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This book is on fire.

9) Incredible Hulk #1: Hottest Silver Age Book

You've missed the under-valued period. Now take advantage of the reasonably valued period, before it becomes the new, unaffordable Amazing Fantasy #15.

10) Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica #320: 1st Cheryl Blossom

Almost impossible to find in any grade. This is a super-key issue.

It will become one of the top 20 books of the Copper Age before too long.

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Ashley Cotter-Cairns
Editor, Sell My Comic Books

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