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What the HECK is going on with Incredible Hulk #1 values?!
February 03, 2015

What the HECK is going on with
Incredible Hulk #1 values?!

If you have ever considered investing in a copy of the first appearance of Hulk, then now might be the time -- before it goes all Amazing Fantasy #15 on you and becomes totally unaffordable.

A disgusting-looking Hulk #1 like this could be a great investment opportunity.
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Here are some facts about Hulk #1 vs Amazing Fantasy #15.

1) Scarcity / Availability in the Marketplace

Here is the CGC census data for AF15:

For those of you who are straining to read the text, there are 2,272 copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 graded (including 640 restored examples).

Let's compare the same CGC census data for Incredible Hulk #1:

That is a mere 1,154 copies, including 289 restored.

What this means is, Hulk 1 is TWICE AS RARE as AF15. Even so, typically prices have not reflected this...


The market is correcting for this anomaly, as we'll see next.

2) VG Prices of AF15 vs Hulk 1

I've picked on VG as the upper level for most people's potential investments. In a moment, we'll look at 0.5, the lowest possible grade you can buy in a CGC holder.

We will ignore restored examples and qualified examples and focus purely on universal graded copies.

This is quite exciting data, especially when you compare it to the 0.5 prices, as we will see in a moment.

In 2012, AF #15 was trading at a 61 percent premium to the same graded Hulk #1. In 2013 the gap was still 56 percent.

But in 2014, the pendulum had swung the opposite direction! Now Hulk #1 was almost ten percent more expensive at the VG grade. And the last sale is almost ONE HUNDRED PERCENT higher!

Now allow me to show you an opportunity at the lowest grade:

3) POOR Prices of AF15 vs Hulk 1

At the very lowest universal grade, the gap has NOT YET CLOSED between AF #15 and Hulk #1.

People were not even bothering to grade 0.5 copies, or at least, less were being sold.

A quick look back at the census data, above, shows that there are more than twice as many 0.5s in the census for Amazing Fantasy vs Hulk.

Conclusion: Can You Afford to Miss a Cheap Hulk #1?

It's easy to overstate this kind of opportunity. You see stock analysts do it all the time, only for the stock they tip to flop.

But all the way up the scale, Hulk #1 is setting new records.

A quick glance at the above data shows another grade which has NOT taken off in value, for whatever reason. CGC 1.8 examples are basically trading at the same price they did two years ago ($3660 vs $3150).

In that same period, the 2.0 price (a grade barely different from 1.8) has doubled. 3.5 has almost tripled.

If you can find AND afford one (big IF I know!), the price of 6.5s has actually dropped a little. Surely just a fluke.

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Ashley Cotter-Cairns
Editor, Sell My Comic Books

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