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Comic Book Cash, Issue #015 -- Investing in early Justice League of America comics
December 22, 2014

Comic Book Cash #15

Investing in Early Justice League of America Comics

Investing in Brave and the Bold #28 and Justice League of America comic #1

Usually a focus issue of Comic Book Cash only talks about one book, but I'm going to make an exception in this case.

Yes, Brave and the Bold #28 (with the famous octopus-style monster on the cover) is the first appearance of the JLA; and yes, the actual JLA #1 is only their fourth appearance, and a strange, static, chess-themed cover it is too.

But collectors place almost as much (sentimental, rather than financial) importance on this 'first' issue. It's worth way more than Brave and the Bold #29 or #30 (I would recommend you owning all three BB appearances, if you can afford to).

If you have been priced out of the BB#28 market, then it might be a good alternative investment.

Let's have a look at how both have performed in the wake of all the movie speculation, which was recently confirmed by DC.

Part One: Brave and the Bold #28

Records have been set on this book across the board in recent years. Have you missed the boat?

Well, the JLA movie is a few years in the future still, so perhaps not.

Let's have a look at the history of prices and take a guess at where this has got to go.

Grade $ 2012 $ 2013 $ 2014 # in CGC Census
1.0 $315 $331 $960 10
2.0 $684 $986 $1210 38
3.0 $869 $1591 $1569 63
4.0 $1356 $2335 $2712 55
5.0 $1827 $3803 $3825 48
6.0 $2552 $5783 $7170 32
7.0 n/a $8331 n/a 17
8.0 n/a n/a $19200 20
What else can happen to improve the return on this book?

There are plenty of stars to be cast in super-team roles. Wonder Woman has been tied up, and the smart money would be on the Batman and Superman actors to be retained for the JLA movies (no matter how unpopular those choices might be with fans; we're watching you, Mr. Affleck).

Recently, the announcement of Black Adam being cast made prices of Shazam! #28 go crazy.

Whether subsequent news of acting roles will affect BB28 or another book remains to be seen.

The rest of the benefits may be in obscure titles from the run, as villains are chosen for both confirmed JLA movies. Just as Strange Tales #180 (first Gamora) and Ms. Marvel #18 (first Mystique) have shown, there's no rhyme or reason to this kind of speculating.

Unless you fancy buying an entire run of JLA on the off-chance, plus all their appearances in other titles, you cannot have all the bases covered.

Part Two: Justice League of America #1

Number one issues are always a good jumping-off point for collectors.

There will be more people able to afford a JLA #1 than a BB#28, just as more can afford an ASM #1 versus the bigger investment needed to own an AF#15.

That means you won't struggle to find a buyer when you wish to sell your copy.

Here is what has happened to prices since the movie speculation began. It's been a dramatic ride!
Grade $ 2012 $ 2013 $ 2014 # in CGC Census
1.0 $323 $283 $332 14
2.0 $359 $414 $537 31
3.0 $654 $741 $860 59
4.0 $849 $913 $1066 66
5.0 $1263 $1444 $1548 54
6.0 $1729 $2451 $2594 30
7.0 $3423 $2629 n/a 29
8.0 n/a $6100 9
Once again, it's hard to see how this book could break out of a steady growth pattern in the future, unless the plot or villains come exclusively from this issue rather than following the path of BB#28.

(I for one would love to see that many-armed creature in the movie!)

SLEEPER TIP: It seems like an odd title to mention, but Mystery in Space #75 is chronologically the 8th appearance of the JLA, as well as their first crossover book. It was published after JLA #4 and before issue #5.

Nothing at all has happened to prices of this book; maybe that is due to ignorance, or simply that DC crossovers don't possess the must-own appeal that Marvel completists lust after. Worth a punt – they are still quite cheap.

Final Thoughts on Both Books

Like all Silver Age key issues, DC books are way harder to find than Marvel equivalents.

There are just less of them to go around, which means your choices are going to be more limited.

Perhaps the explosive growth of the past couple of years won't be repeated, but these important JLA books will never go out of fashion.

You can consider them both good long-term holds for your comic book portfolio, with the chance to still spring a few nice financial surprises before the movie series is done.

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Ashley Cotter-Cairns
Editor, Sell My Comic Books

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