Can't wait for next year's Mystery Box!

by Jess

Can't wait for next year's Mystery Box!

Great Video. Glad to see how these are put together. Bought a bunch last year and this year bought a bunch this year.

Quality this year was just as good as last year. First and foremost is that these lots are so much fun. I have been looking forward to these for a year and they did not disappoint. I bought 3 the. First week. 3 the next week as I was so pleased and the 3 the next week as the 2nd group was just as good as the 1st week. I ended up with one of the Vampirella fcbd books and the werewolf bonus book (that was not shown in the video). And one more bonus book the last week.

I was more pleased with the vintage books and less interested with from hell and skeleton key. Oh and the Eden books are a big thumbs up. But the diversity of the book types are so good that you will not be disappointed. And the quality is outstanding. Gettin a tomb of dracula or werewolf by night in a lot always makes me smile. One of my boxes was put together in the video. It was the Mickey Mouse 252 box. I was sad when the Charlton book was removed from the box. But it’s all good.

Highlights this year all the Eden books. A couple of DC witching hours. Hellboy books. Classic illustrated headless horseman. That could have been a bonus book. Night force books. Vault of evil 1 and 2. Swamp thing Walmart book. Marvel Tomb of dracula and frankenstein books. Dark horse Creature of the black lagoon book. Just great stuff thank you.

One last thing this week I received the last group of 3 boxes. One of these boxes had the 1 of 100 bonus book. Amazing Adventures 6. It’s a keeper. Thank you so much.

I posted all these books on my Instagram acct as I do not do videos. My Instagram is bwdcomics. Thank you again. I can’t wait till next year. Jess

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