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The Mighty Thor, by Marvel Comics

What are Thor Comic Books Worth?

As with all vintage comics, condition is vital. If you can accurately grade your comics, then you will be in a much better position to understand their worth.

The difference between a fine book (6 out of 10) and a near mint comic book (9.4 out of 10) can be a multiplier of five to ten times, or more.

While it's human nature to want your comics to be worth more than they are, dirt, creases, tears and stains will all lower the value of your Thor Marvel comics.

List of Thor Comic Books

Here are all the major Thor appearances in Marvel comic books:

Journey Into Mystery #83 Thor Marvel comics

Journey into Mystery
As well as Thor's first appearance in #83 (1962), there are plenty of highly collectible comics.

The run ends at #124, when the comic is renamed The Mighty Thor (see below for listing).

  • Journey Into Mystery #83 origin and first appearance of Thor, and the KEY issue
  • Journey Into Mystery #84 second appearance
  • Journey Into Mystery #85 first appearance Loki; first brief appareance Odin; first Asgard
  • Journey Into Mystery #86 first full appearance Odin
  • Journey Into Mystery #89 Thor's origin retold
  • Journey Into Mystery #95 Thor vs Thor story
  • Journey Into Mystery #101 Avengers crossover
  • Journey Into Mystery #109 Magneto cover and crossover
  • Journey Into Mystery #112 Thor vs Hulk
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 #133 Thor Marvel comics
 #173 Thor Marvel comics

The Mighty Thor
The Thor comic books series continues the adventures of Thor from where Journey into Mystery leaves off.

It begins at #126 and runs until #502, when the title is renamed Journey into Mystery again.

  • #126 renamed series begins
  • #146 Inhumans appearance
  • #147 origin the Inhumans
  • #193 Silver Surfer crossover
Avengers #1 Thor Marvel comics

The Avengers
Thor was one of the founding members of The Avengers. He appears from issue #1 to #16.

This means that collectors wishing to own all the Thor Marvel comics will need to buy a lot of the Avengers series, too!

  • Avengers #1 origin and first appearance of The Avengers
  • #2 Hulk leaves
  • #3 Sub-Mariner and Hulk battle The Avengers
  • #4 Captain America is revived
  • #9 first appearance and death of Wonder Man
  • #11 Spider-Man cover and crossover
  • #16 Thor leaves The Avengers

Tales of Asgard
This one-shot comic was published in 1968. It reprints early Thor stories. Only worth money in top condition.

  • #1 single issue

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