What Are Your Vintage Star Wars Comic Books Worth?

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Vintage Star Wars comic books by Marvel can have significant value to collectors, especially 35c price variants.

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It should come as no surprise that the biggest science fiction movie series in history has mass appeal to collectors.

Star Wars heroes rendered as Marvel Comics characters, like Luke Skywalker, and the anti-hero Darth Vader, will find eager homes with 'plain old Star Wars' collectors who want a complete one of everything, as well as comic book collectors.

Star Wars 1977 #1 Regular Edition

Star Wars 1977 #1 Regular Edition

This first edition comic is a must-have for collectors. As with most #1 issues, Star Wars #1 has the bulk of the value in this series.

A 9.8 (near mint/mint) shape comic will be worth around $400. That is pretty much top shape. Even a really rough copy will net you $20. Click to check LIVE prices now.

Do you have one of these comic books to sell? Send us a picture of your copy of Star Wars comic book #1 and we'll value it.

Star Wars #1 1977 35c Variant Edition

Star Wars #1 1977 35c Variant Edition

Star Wars #1 35c price variant is the holy grail of Star Wars comic books! Click to check the LIVE prices now.

Marvel did some price experiments during the 1970s. While in most regions the original cover price was maintained, it would send out a slightly more expensive edition to several test markets.

You can see these price variants in the Amazing Spider-Man series, among many others from the same period.

The good news is, if you have one of these variant covers, then it's worth SIGNIFICANTLY more than a regular edition of Star Wars #1.

It can be identified by the plain white square with the price in it at the top left of the cover.

These are very rare comics. The best-known sale to date was a 9.4 graded copy which sold for $10,000 in 2009!

Even in terrible shape, you can bank on a few hundred bucks for this comic.

If you have one in any condition, absolutely we would value it for you. Please send us a picture and we'll be in touch.

WARNING! There are reprints of Star Wars #1 with 35c cover prices in a DIAMOND shape.

These are worth much less than the regular edition of #1, and should not be confused with the rare variant.

See actual listings from eBay, below, showing Star Wars 35c variants.

Star Wars #2 1977 Regular Edition and Price Variant

Just like issue #1, there is the regular edition of Star Wars #2 (priced 30c), and the rare price variant edition, priced 35c.

Star Wars #2 1977 Regular Edition
Star Wars #2 1977 35c Price Variant

Again, they are night and day when it comes to value.

#2 regular edition is worth only about $170 in near mint/mint (9.8) shape. So if you have a lesser condition one, then it's virtually worthless (except as a fun comic to read).

However, if you have a copy of Star Wars #2 35c price variant, then it's also worth lots of cash.

In totally rough shape, you'll still get $50 for it. In top shape (the best-known copy is graded 9.4), it last sold for $2,500 in 2009. Check the LIVE prices of a #2 variant edition now!

Got any Star Wars comic books #2 price variant? We'll appraise this comic book for you free.

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Star Wars #3 1977 Regular Edition and Price Variant

The same applies to Star Wars #3.

The regular issue is worth about $140 in top (9.8) shape.

Star Wars #3 1977 Regular Edition
Star Wars #3 1977 35c Price Variant

However, there was also a Star Wars #3 35c price variant. This is worth at least $100 in any shape.

There are relatively few sales known (the finest-known graded copy is 9.0 and last sold for $675, way back in 2006!). Click to see LIVE prices on this rare comic now.

If you have a copy of the rare variant edition, then we'll happily value it for you free of charge.

Star Wars #4 1977 Regular Edition and Price Variant

If you're spotting a pattern here...

The regular edition of Star Wars #4 is also worth about $150 in 9.8.

Again, the 35c price variant is the one to look for.

Star Wars #4 1977 Regular Edition
Star Wars #4 1977 35c Price Variant

In any condition, Star Wars #4 35c price variant will sell for $100+.

The most recent sale shows how desirable these variant covers are. $550 for a 7.0 graded copy!

The highest-known graded copy sold is 8.5.

Are there any more out there to be discovered? Quite possibly!

If you have one in your collection, have us value it. There's no charge for this service.

Or click here to see LIVE prices on this rare issue.

Summary of Star Wars Variant Editions

Just to sum up:

All issues from #1 to #4 are available in regular edition (30c cover price), 35c variant edition (price in square), and 35c reprint edition (price in diamond).

If you have any variant Star Wars comic books, we'll value them free and buy them from you for immediate cash. Please get in touch.

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