Spider-Man #1 & Spider-Man #16 signed by Todd Mcfarlane

by Shawn

Spider-Man #1

Spider-Man #1


I have a copy of the silver edition of Torment signed by Todd McFarlane and his last Spider-Man issue, featuring X-Force, signed as well. They have not been opened or read since being signed by Todd McFarlane. I was curious as to how much these comics are worth. Thank you for your time.


[Sell My Comic Books says:

thanks for writing. Unless your comics are Signature Series CGC certified, then you will have to take a chance with them and try to find a buyer for the "raw" books.

Comics signed without authenticity are considered damaged.

If you submit them to CGC now, your books will be given a "qualified" rating, noting the ink on the covers. It's crazy, yes, but that's the state of the business right now.

You can probably get $50 for #1. We couldn't get any data for #16.

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