Hot Comics #31: Strange Tales #110, 1st Doctor Strange

Hot Comics #31:
Strange Tales #110,
1st Doctor Strange

Hot Comics #31: Strange Tales #110, 1st Doctor Strange. Click to invest in a copy
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Why Strange Tales #110 is a Hot Comic

With Benedict Cumberbatch long confirmed to have been cast for the Doctor Strange movie, the first appearance of the character in Strange Tales #110 has been super-hot for a couple of years now.

A couple of other issues you should bear in mind if you're big on Dr. Strange back issues.

His origin appearance is in Strange Tales #115, a relatively lukewarm book that can be bought for around $600 in CGC 8.0 condition.

Although his face first appears on the front of Strange Tales #118 in a small horizontal panel, Fantastic Four #27 is the first full-figure cover image of the master of the mystic arts. (Look for the green guy in the background...)

ST #110 is common in low- to mid-grade, but much of the market increase is already priced in. VG is the minimum requirement. Copies are not selling for much more than they were two years ago, so if there is still some upside left in this book, we see it there.

High-grade books are insanely expensive now.

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