Hot Comics #97: Harbinger #1

Hot Comics #97:
Harbinger #1
(Valiant Comics)

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Why Harbinger #1 is Hot

As usual, movie hype is driving the value of this book. Paramount Studios acquired the movie rights to Harbinger. A main movie and crossover sequel were planned.

While there is some confusion over the status of the movie projects, resulting in a slight softening of prices at all grade levels, CGC 9.8s still sell for more than double the price in 2014.

WARNING! A reader incentive program invited buyers of early Harbinger issues to clip out coupons and send off for a mail order copy of Harbinger #0. Copies with coupons clipped are considered incomplete.

Check your copy before you invest in it to ensure the coupon is present, and avoid green label Qualified graded examples in CGC holders, as these are worth far less.

What to Invest In

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