Hot Comics #36: Flash #139, 1st Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)

Hot Comics #36:
Flash #139, 1st Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)

Hot Comics #36: Flash #139, 1st Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom). Click to buy a copy
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Why Flash #139 is a Hot Comic

Once again, the prices of vintage comic books are driven by participation in TV shows and movies. In this case it's the Netflix Flash show, which features Professor Zoom (aka Reverse Flash) as a major antagonist.

The book which began the Silver Age, Showcase #4, the first solo book of the Silver Age, Flash #105, 1st Weather Wizard and Kid Flash in Flash #110, and the meeting of the Golden and Silver Age Flashes in Flash #123 are other books on our Hot 100 list.

We could have added more... A bunch of the back issues are sudden vintage stars.

Rags of this issue are common. They have flooded the market, from 2.0 to 5.0, and prices have softened accordingly. Higher-grade examples are rare and expensive.

A VF copy is lovely to look at in comparison to low grade copies, relatively affordable when, and a good investment.

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