Hot Comics #54: Detective Comics #140, 1st Riddler

Hot Comics #54:
Detective Comics #140,
1st Riddler

Hot Comics #54: Detective Comics #140, 1st Riddler. Click to buy a copy
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Why Detective Comics #140 is a Hot Comic

This is a rare comic book. The late 1940s era Detective Comics are hard to find in any condition, and given the popularity of The Riddler, it's surprising that less than 100 unrestored examples have been graded by CGC.

This creates a vacuum between demand and supply. The key word is demand. There are plenty of rare Golden Age comic books which are almost impossible to find in any condition, but the lack of demand for them limits their value to collectors and investors.

The Riddler is here to stay. He's a key super-villain in the DC universe. If you can find one, and you can afford to buy it, then this is a classic, must-have book.

You should plan on holding it for the long term.

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