Hot Comics #60: Chew #1

Hot Comics #60:
Chew #1,
1st Appearance

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Why Chew #1 is a Hot Comic

Once again, it's a TV series that is driving the value of a comic book. As the Walking Dead has proven, a common-as-dirt series of modern comic books can fetch serious money. Chew has the potential to match it.

Walking Dead #1 is also on the Hot 100 list.

Just to prove that supply and demand are not exclusively responsible for values, here is a modern book that is pretty common, yet prices are rising.

There are even a few CGC 9.9s and a 10.0 floating around out there, if you can find them.

Surprisingly a 9.9 is only about $1,000 at the time of writing, while a 9.8 is about $400. I'd push the boat out if you can afford it. (I doubt whether the 10.0 will come back to market anytime soon...)

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