Hot Comics #55: Captain America #117, 1st Falcon

Hot Comics #55:
Captain America #117,
1st Falcon

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Why Captain America #117 is a Hot Comic

2015 was a big year for Marvel Comics movies. Perhaps the two big surprises were the amazing success of the Ant-Man movie, and how popular The Falcon was in the second Avengers movie.

Not only do those two characters intersect at the end of the Ant-Man film, but it's clear the Falcon's role in the Avengers team is not yet over.

Prices have actually softened a touch on CGC 9.4 copies. Buy when others are selling is generally a good rule for value investing, so that's why we've tipped that grade to do well.

9.4s are near mint and look awesome, so you'll never struggle to find a buyer for yours if you wish to sell.

Strange Tales #114 (1st Silver Age Captain America) is also on the Hot 100.

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