Hot Comics #17: Brave and the Bold #28, 1st JLA

Hot Comics #17:
Brave and the Bold #28,
1st JLA

Hot Comics #17: Brave and the Bold #28, 1st JLA. Click to buy
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Why Brave and the Bold #28 is a Hot Comic

It's movie madness all over again. Following Marvel's lead, DC Studios finally got its ass in gear and announced lots and lots of movie releases, the most notable being a Justice League of America movie.

More excitement followed, as various team members were cast, including a rather strange (but still quite sexy) choice for Wonder Woman. DC seems to be going rather young on the actors, fuelling the fire of rumor over a possible Teen Titans franchise or crossover.

Also on the Hot 100 is the first solo appearance of the JLA, Justice League of America #1. Unlike that book, which features a rather lame and boring cover, the front of BB28 is awesome.

Low grade copies of this book seem to be cooling off, so push the boat out and aim at least for VG.

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