Hot Comics #7:
Batman #181, 1st Poison Ivy

Hot Comics #7: Batman #181, 1st Poison Ivy
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Why Batman #181 is a Hot Comic


Prices of this book continue to astound most observers -- except for us. We figured this was massively under-valued for too long. A CGC 9.8 hasn't sold for nearly three years, but I would not be surprised to see one pass the $20,000 mark if an owner did bring it to market.

Especially important is the presence of the centerfold pin-up. It's almost always missing from lower-grade copies.

  • CGC 9.4 $5,275
  • CGC 9.0 $1,800
  • CGC 8.0 $1,200
  • CGC 6.0 $385
  • CGC 4.0 $295

There are many hilarious and compelling Batman villains. Several of them appear on the Hot 100 list:

Batman #189 (1st Silver Age Scarecrow)

Batman #59 (1st Deadshot)

Batman #121 (1st Mr. Zero / Mr. Freeze)

Detective Comics #140 (1st Riddler)

Batman Adventures #12 (1st Harley Quinn)

But our all-time favorite is Poison Ivy. She's super-sexy, deadly, and cast in the mold of Catwoman.

This book is tough in high grade. The mostly red cover shows wear and handling. The pin-up centerfold is often missing, rendering many copies incomplete.

Not everybody will be able to afford our recommended grade. But it's hard to compromise on a book which shows such huge potential, and is worth saving up for if you cannot afford one now.

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