Hot Comics #66: Avengers #144, 1st Hellcat

Hot Comics #66:
Avengers #144,
1st Hellcat

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Why Avengers #144 is a Hot Comic

Okay. If you've been paying attention to the rest of our Hot 100 list, you'll have noticed a trend. Movie or TV + comic books = investment opportunity.

Jessica Jones (the Marvel TV series), whose first appearance in Alias #1 is on this list, is just one of the properties responsible for all this comic book speculation.

Bronze Age Avengers comics aren't especially exciting from an investment perspective. There are only a couple of issues I always ask to see, including Avengers #196 (first Taskmaster) which is also on the Hot 100 list.

They are pretty common books, but in high grade not easy to find.

That goes double for Avengers #144. I never see this above a VF. It's a tough book.

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