Hot Comics #39: Aquaman #35, 1st Black Manta

Hot Comics #39:
Aquaman #35,
1st Black Manta

Hot Comics #39: Aquaman #35, 1st Black Manta. Click to buy a copy
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Why Aquaman #35 is a Hot Comic

Slowly, the market is catching on to the fact that DC Silver Age keys are under-valued compared to their Marvel counterparts. And while Black Manta is hardly A-list super-villain material, speculation that he's a sleeper who may become more important in the DC Universe is driving up prices.

A while ago, clean, unslabbed VG copies could be found on eBay for $40-50. Now the same book in a CGC holder is a $300+ purchase. All grades are showing strength, but it's a tough book above FN.

Hold out for a VF copy. These are beautiful to look at with minimal damage to the front, especially when you compare them to the rags in CGC 4.0 or 4.5 holders.

Aquaman comics from the Silver Age are long overdue a bump in prices in our opinion.

See also: Showcase #30, 1st Silver Age Aquaman and 1st Aqualad.

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