Aquaman Comics Price Guide

Aquaman Comics Price Guide
by Brock Swinson and Ashley Cotter-Cairns

Through the Adventure Comics outlet, the undersea superhero ran well through the 1940s and 1950s continuously. With a twenty-year run, some of the backstory is bound to get reimagined to clean out the cobwebs and open new doors.

In the late 1950s, the sea dweller entered the Silver Age, which brought new elements of backstory and new cast members to the surface.

Origins, powers, and even his personality flipped clean upside down in 1956 when he ran into Topo, a new ally.

Aquaman Movie Rumors...

We've seen comic book movies making a huge impact on the price of comic books featuring those heroes.

Batman #497 (Bane breaking Batman's back) is just one example of a common book that became hot due to the movie storyline.

Another example is Marvel Preview #4 (first Star-Lord) going from a bargain bin extra to a hot, hot book on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie being announced.

If the rumor of an Aquaman movie is true, then the prices of his early appearances will skyrocket.

Adventure Comics #229: First Silver Age Appearance

Adventure Comics #229: First Silver Age Appearance of Aquaman. Click for values

Adventure Comics #229 is the first Silver Age appearance of the character, but it doesn't even get a footnote in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Even though Superman was given the cover with The End of the Kent Family, Aquaman and his new octopus pal Topo stole the show.

The eight-armed (tentacled) beast used every extremity to help the sea-dweller fight crime on, and under, the open sea.

Not only could Topo bash eight crooks at once, he could move along the top of the water with our hero on his back like a horse on open plains. Topo could also toss Aquaman through the air, so the hero could land on boats to fight evil.

Later in that same storyline, our hero rides a swordfish to catch up with some other runaway criminals. While these stories seem like pure fun, they represent the underlying developments that later built the DC multiverse (as well as Earth One).

Record sale: $650
Minimum value (poor but complete): $15
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Adventure Comics #260: Origin of Powers

Adventure Comics #260: Origin of Aquaman's Powers. Click for values

In another issue of the hero's story, Adventure Comics #260, Aquaman's true identity reveals a unique backstory. Again, Superman (along with Superboy) hogs the cover.

In the section, How Aquaman Got His Powers, we hear as he tells a sea captain about the dangers of atomic warheads, which also reveals his backstory — his lighthouse keeper father saved his mother, an exile from the lost city of Atlantis.

Another revelation from Adventure #260 was that his father's name was Tom Curry and his real name is Arthur Curry. Another key Aquaman comic.

Record sale: $1,200
Minimum value: $15
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More Adventure Comics

More Adventure Comics Appearances

You can read all about Adventure Comics values here.

Aquaman Comics #1: The Invasion of the Fire Trolls

Aquaman #1: The Invasion of the Fire Trolls. Click for values

Issue #1 is the first stand-alone comic.

"In a magazine of his own," the undersea hero and his young ally, Aqualad, must fight the evil Fire Trolls in a three-part battle for the good of humanity.

While the two are arranging their ocean floor headquarters, Quisp comes to warn them that three Fire Trolls have broken free from an underwater volcano. The duo fight the beasts in the following pages with the aid of some underwater friends.

While in early appearances, he was only able to speak with animals, full telepathy sparked in the Silver Age, allowing him to speak to sea creatures with his mind.

While most of his updates were improvements in the Silver Age, his largest change of pace was that he could no loner travel between land and sea for long periods of time. Essentially, he had to at least dunk himself in water once an hour to survive on the land. Previously, he could come and go indefinitely.

This was the first appearance of the Quisp and the Fire Trolls. Topo the Octopus and Aqualad were also featured.

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Aquaman Comics #29: First Appearance of the Ocean Master

Aquaman #29: First Appearance of the Ocean Master. Click for values

In issue #29, Tom Curry, Aquaman's father, had a second wife in the series after his first passed away. This time, Tom married an ordinary woman and the two had an ordinary son that they named Orm Curry.

His half-brother, the boy was troubled during his youth, so he disappeared for years and came back to become Ocean Master. This was the first appearance of Ocean Master.

The headline story was Coward-King of the Seas and supporting characters included Aqualad, Imp, and Captain "Forty-Knot" Burke.

Record sale: $385
Minimum value: $1
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Classic Aquaman Comic Covers

Aquaman Issue #5: The Haunted Sea. Click for values

Issue #5: The Haunted Sea. Click for value

Aquaman Issue #6: Too Many Quisps

Issue #6: Too Many Quisps. Click for value

Aquaman #11: Doom from Dimension Aqua. Click for value

Issue #11: Doom from Dimension Aqua. Click for value

Aquaman #13: Invasion of the Giant Reptiles. Click for value

Issue #13: Invasion of the Giant Reptiles. Click for value

Aquaman #30: The Death of Aquaman. Click for value

Issue #30: The Death of Aquaman. Click for value

Aquaman #45: Underworld Reward, Part 2. Click for value

Issue #45: Underworld Reward, Part 2. Click for value

Additional Characters

  • Aqualad — orphaned outcast from Atlantis, who acted in Aquaman comics as a protégé
  • Mera — queen from water dimension and eventual wife
  • Arthur, Jr. (Aquababy) — Mera and Aquaman's baby boy
  • Ocean Master — Amnesiac half-brother and nemesis
  • Tula (Aquagirl) — Aqualad's primary love interest
  • Black Manta
  • Fisherman
  • Scavenger
  • O.G.R.E.
  • Quisp

Justice League of America Appearances

After having various members of the Justice League appear in Aquaman comics, or vice versa, the Justice League of America eventually launched their own series. (Click for full breakdown of JLA values.)

Other members included:

Aquaman was a founding member of the Justice League of America. Click for values of this series

Click for a full breakdown of Justice League comic values

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