Action Comics #1 Value

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Action Comics #1 Value: Has the front cover had varnish or glaze painted on in the past?

Action Comics #1 Value: Has the front cover had varnish or glaze painted on in the past?

Action Comics #1 Value: Has the front cover had varnish or glaze painted on in the past?
Action Comics #1 Value: The interior front cover shows little signs of tanning, pages look off white to white
Action Comics #1 Value: Amazing page quality, if if this is an original

Action Comics #1 Value

Not sure the issue date but it dose have the 10c stamp on front. I understand that is what makes it real?

The book is in good condition, no rips or tears in any of it. Has all its pages and no folds or creases in pages.

Editor's reply: WOW! Honestly if you are going to find one Superman comic book in your entire life, then make it Action #1.

But before we get too excited, let's just ensure it's an original.

There was a reprint of this comic called Famous First Edition. Published in the 1970s, it was an exact reproduction with an outer cover added. It's larger than the original at 13" x 10". A genuine Action Comics #1 should be around 10" x 7".

Copies of the reprint with outer cover removed are virtually worthless.

This Action #1 looks in amazing shape, although the front cover seems a bit strangely colored, like it's been varnished in the past or something. The cover also looks like it might be faded towards the top. The blue is not as vibrant as it should be.

Let's presume this is a real one, based on its size of approximately 10 x 7. You need to count the pages. There should be 60 interior pages.

Even if it's somehow incomplete (missing an interior page, or has a coupon clipped) and has some kind of restoration treatment done to the cover, an original 1938 Action Comics #1 would be worth at least $50,000 -- probably double that or more at auction.

You should absolutely get it graded and insured. We'd be happy to help you to (a) work out if it's original, and (b) walk you through the grading process if you like, just get in touch.

If it's an original, then this is an amazing find, thanks for sharing!

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Feb 03, 2017
by: Ashley

I appreciate you pointing that out. Looks like the search for a real Action 1 will continue! We found a collection last year from #2 up... Tantalizingly close.

Feb 02, 2017
Action #1 not real
by: Anonymous

This book is missing several detection points- 1)-there is no yellow running board: 2)- there is no glare on fender 3)- there are no "floating rocks" at right- 4) there are no beads of sweat on the man in foreground- has to be a reprint.

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